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Kannadhaasan Vs. Vairamuthu TFM Symposium Topic 10: Poetic Milestones Kannadhaasan Vs. Vairamuthu TFM Symposium Topic 10: Poetic Milestones

Topic started by Udhaya (@ on Mon Dec 7 17:59:15 EST 1998.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

A long time ago, prompted by a debate over Sivaji's comments about VM being better than Kannadhaasan, a few of us wanted to objectively conduct a comparison of the two TFM poets based on their actual works. Despite the obvious bias of most contributors, we managed to justify each poet's contribution in the ten given symposium categories:
1)Iyarkai Varnanai
2)Kaadhal Paadalgal
3)Thaththuva Paadalgal
4)Vaarthai Prayoagam
5)Nagaichchuvai Paadalgal
6)Samudhaaya Seerthirutha / Puratchi Paadalgal
7)Vingyaana/Naveena Karuthoottum Paadalgal
8)Ilakkiya Moolam Ulla Paadalgal
9)Kadhaikku Porundhiya Paadalgal (situational songs)
10)Kavidhai Milekarkal (Poetic Milestones that the poets will be remembered by!)

We managed to get as far as Topic 9. I would like to conclude the symposium with topic 10 so this symposium can vie for a permanent thread status in TFM page. There is plenty of research within these topics to be of interest to many TFM fans.

When you nominate a song as a poetic milestone please give a brief explanation as to why you feel the song merits this distinction.


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